Hello, I'm Jade.

My greatest passion in life is People, from as far back as I can remember being the oldest sibling out of 3 I was genuinely in love with looking after my little Brother and Sister. The love for family, and my amazing friends catapulted me into life as a caregiver.

I Nannied for several years and families, then moving on to college I decided to pursue a more professional career caring for the elderly and infirm. After becoming a Mother in 2018 to my son Cove my life shifted and instead of caring for many I focused all of my attention on caring for one tiny and amazing little human, and now as he gets older and more independent of me I'm able to shift gears again and pursue my passion and love for people more fully but now instead of caregiving I get to capture their story.

Over the last 20 plus years I've seen people from many walks of life through joy, sorrow, death, and even the mediocre moments we sometimes take for granted. In this life we laugh, we cry, tire, feel pain and pleasure, take our first and for some the last breath. Whatever the situation is we live life in the present together, and this is your story.

Photos are cherished gifts of life still in time. Helping to jog memory and to recall times of varying emotions, and to see how far we've come. Looking at my own photos but also ones of others I can picture myself there feeling those emotions and how different life was. Who are these characters? What kind of relationship did these people have with each other? What were they feeling in that moment? What chapter of their story am I seeing?

I'm here to help you capture those monumental and at times seemingly ordinary, but mostly joyous moments in your story.. your legacy.

Love Notes

Love Notes

“Forever grateful to you Jade! You are so talented and I can’t thank you enough for capturing such an important time of our lives in such a beautiful way 💗”